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brent-pourciauI found myself with a full scholarship to college to play baseball. I had the opportunity to be as successful as I wanted to be. The problem was my arm was killing me. I was taught by “Conventional Wisdom.” Coaches yelling at me to “Bend my Back,” “Reach to the Sky,” “Throw Strikes,” “Stride out farther,” of course like most pitchers I had no idea how this was helping me as a pitcher. So I did what most pitchers do, I just pushed harder, longer and found myself under the knife after my first pitching performance in college. It changed my life forever. When a Doctor is rebuilding your shoulder, you probably are finished as a pitcher. The problem was I refused to give up. I forced myself to learn everything I needed to know, to overcome an injury, that has ended so many pitching careers. What I learned over the next few years was how to take the stress mainly off the arm and pitch with the body as a signal unit. This is what allowed me, not only to play again, but play professionally and throw 94 mph.

Anyone can learn what I learned. It took me 2 good years to do it, so don’t wait any longer. If you love this game and have the dreams to play professional baseball, then it is time to get started. The video above will open your eyes to the problems that all pitchers must overcome and the reason for my, almost career ending shoulder surgery. Next you should visit and subscribe to the free newsletter, to start learning “Physics driven velocity mechanics.”

I would only recommend you purchase the AcePitcher Handbook if you are excited about what you are reading on this page and you want to learn everything it takes to make it to the next level. This handbook will work for any level of baseball and the information contained in it will give you everything you need to develop more velocity and protect your arm while doing it. Please contact me if you have any questions!


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