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How Lincecum Throws So Hard

How Lincecum Throws So HardTim Lincecum is fun to watch not only because he throws gas but because he does this at 5’11 170 lbs. What makes him able to do this is athletic ability. This means that he is an amazing athlete. As much as I hate to say it, genetics is a powerful component to your success as an athlete. The only way around average genetics is training. This is where a lot of young athletes go wrong. Just because Tim Lincecum trains a certain way, doesn’t mean that if you do the same thing, you will become a Tim Lincecum. This is bad logic because of the genetics factor. More than likely to become a Tim Lincecum you must train a lot harder than he does.

There is some secrets in his pitching delivery that can and will benefit all pitchers and that is more than likely why you found this web page. Because the pitching delivery, at Tim’s level, happens faster than the human eye can record, it makes it very difficult to understand what someone is doing different than you when pitching. What you need is a high speed camera, an above average understanding of classical physics and many years of experience pitching.

A pitching coach or teacher who does not have much experience pitching has a harder time understanding the pitching delivery. There is something significant in truly understanding the mechanics of the delivery after you have spent many years perfecting your own mechanics but this doesn’t work the other way around. Just because you have many years of pitching experience doesn’t mean you truly understand the mechanics. This is usually the case with a nature athlete. This is someone who is very athletic and pitching comes very easy to them. This usually means that they do not have to understand the mechanics of pitching because they are not looking for much improvement. Those who are not as naturally talented as pitchers but who have found success make the best pitching coaches.

To learn from a pitching coach who would meet this criteria you must read this article on how Lincecum throws so hard. This article pulls the secrets of Tim’s delivery to the surface.

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