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Pitching Arm

If you are wondering who this picture is of here. It is of Dave Draveky, he was a starting pitcher for the Giants back in the 80′s. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his throwing arm bicep during his career. His Doctor removed part of his bicep and froze his humorous bone to stop the cancer. After the operation the doctor told Draveky he would never pitch again. He chose not to listen to his doctor and he made his way back to the game he loved. He made it back to Candlestick park where he pitched some amazing games before a major event changed his life. This event went down in history as “The Pitch Heard Around the World.” In Draveky’s own words – It’s the sixth inning and I’m back out on the mound and I rear back to throw a fast ball to Tim Raines who’s at the plate and all of a sudden as I let go of that pitch my left arm snapped in half. There was this incredible explosion in my left ear from my arm snapping in half. I had fallen to the ground…almost went into shock. Draveky’s arm was literally in pieces and the doctors had to amputate. The picture is of him many years after the event.

I am not telling Draveky’s story to scare you about pitching or cancer but to prove that the pitching arm takes a tremendous amount of abuse through a long career. Therefore if a pitcher is going to have a long successful career he must not get cancer in the arm and also learn how to not abuse it. Sense most pitchers will not get cancer in their pitching arm like Draveky it is very important that they learn how to take care of this valuable tool.

“In the last 10 years Tommy John surgeries have increased by 700 percent in the amateur pitching market. Something is obviously wrong here.”
Rick Peterson

Injuries continue to plague the game in both the high and low levels. I believe this is because of the lack of education in the sport. If you learn anything from this articles it is that pitching with a lack of education of throwing mechanics will lead to an injury. It is just a matter of time. If you want to have a healthy pitching arm I highly recommend that you learn how to NOT overuse and abuse it. You can get all the education you will need on pitching at

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  1. In my opinion Brent Pourciau has a unique and right down to the heart of where many pitchers in all levels of baseball from the major leagues right on down through the minor leagues and on down into our youth league players as young as 12/13 yrs. old are, have been and will continue to be effected with the unnecessary syndrome, if you will, of acquiring chronic sore arms and various arm and back surgeries due to certain inadequate practice and “TEACHING” procedures until these inadequate practice and “TEACHING” procedures are corrected.
    I cannot finish my comments now, I will do so later when I have more time.
    Don Ervin

  2. Wow that story is so unique, but it puts things into perspective. Atleast he was doing something he loved. Not a lot of people can say that.

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