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Welcome to Ace Pitcher


Have you asked yourself any of these questions in your career?

  • Am I satisfied with my pitching velocity?
  • Have I tapped into my full Pitching potential?
  • What secrets of the game are my coaches not teaching me to make it to the next level?
  • How many times must I injury my arm or myself until I learn what is causing this damage?
  • Do I have the will to take it to the next level?
  • Do I have a mental game?
  • Am I in touch with my inner athlete?
  • Am I aware of my talents and weaknesses?
  • Do I really want to play this game at this level?
  • Do I have what it takes to be a professional?
  • Do I know what I am doing as a pitcher?
  • Am I making the right decisions in my career?

If you have asked yourself at least three of these questions then YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

I know what it is like to not be satisfied with my career. I know what it is like to hit a plateau or find myself dealing with a serious injury. I know what it is like to fail and fail miserably. I know what it is like to want to quit. I know what it is like to be lost on the mound. I also know what it takes to overcome these major feats in a pitching career.

“It takes determination, Inspiration and Knowledge. I can not teach you determination but I can inspire you and teach you everything you need to know to become the ACE and move on to the next level.”

Always remember that baseball is a game and games are made to teach us about our talents and weaknesses. To be successful you must be able to use your talents to overcome your weaknesses. If your talents are unable to overcome your weaknesses then you have failed but failure is not the end. Failure is the opportunity to develop new talents. This is the strategy of a championing. If you can keep this big picture in your career you will be as successful as you desire. When we become lost as athletes is when we can no longer see the forest from the trees. This means we have lost our understanding of the goal and the path to that goal.

Start your new path today to a extraordinary pitching career today. All it takes is some determination and I will give you the rest!

This site is one site of a two part series. The other site is is one of the top sites online for learning how to reach your Top Pitching Velocity. Velocity is very important in moving to the next level but it isn’t everything. Use Top Velocity to start learning about efficient and effective velocity based pitching mechanics. Use Ace Pitcher to learn everything else.

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